Fujifilm X-T1

The new camera has arrived, The Fujifilm X-T1 I have taken the difficult decision of replacing my heavy Sony A77, with a lightweight Fujifilm X-T1 Here are a few example pictures using the 18 – 135mm Lens...

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Lee Filters Big Stopper

Lee Filter System Beginning of January decided to go to Porlock to try out the new Big Stopper by Lee Filters.   The Big Stopper is a neutral density filter that reduces the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops. By greatly extending exposure times the Big Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea. The filter can also be used on cityscapes to blur people or on roads and motorways to blur traffic. www.leefilters.com   Freezing day, didn’t really get what I was hoping for,┬ábut it shows what the Big Stopper can do. The long exposure on these shots enabled me to keep some movement in the sky and smooth out...

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