Darren Smith Swindon PhotographerAbout Me

I am Darren Smith, a semi-professional photographer from Swindon. I have been taking pictures since the eighties and was taught by my late grandfather who was a camera man for the BBC.

When I first wanted to get in to photography I approached my grandfather to see if he would teach me, he gave me an Mamiya C3 Cameraold medium format camera, a Mamiya C3, and a light meter. After some basic instruction, I started to take my first pictures, and my addiction to photography started.

Thirty years on, I still have the same passion, but my photography has moved on with technology, my film cameras have gone and  I have moved on to digital.

I guess my style is more of a candid photographer, I’m not keen on posed photography, I like to capture the moment as it happens naturally.

I recently undertook a challenge from a client wanting that exact approach to their wedding photography, with as little posed photographs as possible. I must admit, as I am not a wedding photographer, this was a nerve-racking experience and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but the customer was very happy with the results, so all was well in the end.

Examples of Candid Photography


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